Welcome to Sonrisa


We believe in the power of diversity. We are university students, family-friendly human beings, party animals, gamers and sports-addicts, geeks, engineers and business people, social influencers, leaders and silent observers. We not only respect, but also inspire and help each other reach both personal and community goals, at the same time. We give it our best, so we can grow together. We are technology driven, and we believe in supporting talent. This is the way of #happyengineering.

* the process may vary depending on the position


Keeping a work & personal life balance is really important to us. We know that a happy teammate will give more in return. This is why, our perks and benefits package is constantly being improved, and adapted to your needs.

The Sonrisa story

Sonrisa was established back in 2006 by a group of passionate developers who actively take part in the Sonrisa life, even today. Their continuous involvement in the Sales, Delivery & Technology departments, makes Sonrisa a company that has 100% Hungarian ownership.